About us

OBZORJE Ltd., Accounting Services, Tax and Business Consulting

We are a company with a long tradition in the fields of accounting, taxes and consulting. We have four employees, who are continuously upgrading their skills, and take care of over 70 economic entities, making sure they have all the accounting information.

The advantage of our company is our wide scope of expertise, which allows us to cooperate also with larger and more complex legal entities with different legal organisational structures.

We are focused on our clients and strive for direct contact with clients, whom we provide services, meaning we are a part of their companies, only at a different location.

We have been operating since 1993, when the company was first registered under private entrepreneurship, and in 2004 because of reorganisation, the operation was transferred to a limited liability company Obzorje Ltd. The quality of our work, satisfied clients and low client fluctuation are proofs of our long experience.

We want to provide accounting services, accounting and bookkeeping to a small number of clients, to whom we can ensure a full tax and accounting service. Because of that, we are focused on tax and accounting consultancy, as well as guidance towards better optimisation of tax balance sheets and on finding the most advantageous modes of operation. Throughout the year we plan and implement strategies for improving profitability and minimising tax liabilities. Our tax experts can find hidden loops and possible savings, all the while protecting our clients from crossing the line of legality.


    Obzorje Ltd. strives to be recognized as a trustworthy and responsible accounting service, which makes your work easier and safely guides you past various dangers in the fields of accounting and taxation. Accounting is our calling, therefore we think about the future with you, and help you meet and exceed your business goals.


    Our mission is to create and maintain friendly relations with our clients and help them save time and money with our services. We will always make sure you have updated information on all relevant regulations, and advise you on possible improvements for your business. We try to create a working environment which enables employees to grow professionally as well as personally.


    Our fundamental value is long-term trustworthy partnership, based on quality, reliability, thoroughness, kindness and responsibility. We believe in trust and good personal relations. Our company is built on trust, honesty, knowledge, experience, openness and good personal relations.