Accounting | Bookkeeping


We keep both primary and subsidiary books of accounts, and provide the following services:

  • Review of documentation compliance with the legislation of the Republic of Slovenia
  • Recording all transactions in single-entry books
  • Recording all transactions in the primary book
  • Recording all transactions in subsidiary books
  • Keeping the primary and subsidiary books
  • Keeping single-entry books
  • Keeping special records on outstanding and settled claims and client’s liabilities
  • Preparing and creating remittance slips in printed or electronic form
  • Daily reports on inflows and outflows on business accounts
  • Payments of liabilities in the name and on behalf of the client
  • Preparing weekly, monthly and annual cash flow plans
  • Other services related to financial inflows and outflows, as required by the client

as well as:

    • control and record keeping of transactions in prescribed tax records,
    • preparation of the book of received invoices,
    • preparation of the book of issued invoices,
    • preparation of the book of imports,
    • keeping other subsidiary books for the purposes of tax legislation,
    • all tax services required by the client.